About Us

Zulema Macias, Lorena Williams, Virginia Erickson, Ana Valdez
When a group of friends graduated from college with art education degrees and started their teaching careers, they found that new art educators had very little access to support and professional development.
These friends began to meet occasionally to share lessons and provide support. 

In 2008  Lorena Williams introduced the first Art Swap.  "As our teaching careers grew we slowly stopped creating our  personal art."  The Art Swap was created to promote the creation of art.  Every month a new theme is unveiled, the group members have approximately one month to create their work of art.  At the following group meeting the art work is swapped and the work is revealed.

The group has since had several art exhibits, including a teacher/student exhibit.    Personal art production has increased and many of the members have branched out and have begun their own art related businesses.
The group continues to create, exhibit, have workshops and grow.